Not Sorry Despite Mueller Clearing Bitter Late Night Hosts Want Trump in Jail

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president donald trump speaks in the oval office during a meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the white house in washington . Trump said the release of special counsel Robert Muellers full report wouldnt bother me at all as congressional Democrats demanded that the Justice Department hand it over quickly. Trumps remarks came as Democrats planned to huddle behind closed doors Monday evening to figure out how to move forward with their own investigations on obstruction of justice and Russian collusion. Americans who expected any sort of real humility from the late night hosts in the wake of the Mueller report clearing Donald Trump were in for disappointment on Monday. Now I dont understand!I dont understand!Perhaps the hosts of late night should consider it. All Im interested in is them releasing the full report D Calif. Were doing the work but we need to be more effective about sharing that and not just responding to questions about corruption and Muellers investigation. As the release of Muellers report loomed for now. The South Carolina Republican also had a warning for Trump using his pardon power to help those who were ensnared by Muellers investigation. If President Trump pardoned anybody in his orbit Graham said

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