Peter King Mueller Slow Walked Report Kept Cloud Over Trump

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have an obligation to tell the president of the united states that?to let the world know?the president has gone off to negotiate with kim jong un king told host john catsimatidis. To have this cloud hanging over him he may be indicted for treason. I think that the Mueller people had obligations to tell the president King said. CLOSE President Donald Trump says he discussed special counsel Muellers report with Russias Vladimir Putin. When asked if Mueller had agreed to that date Sunday Cicilline said a representative of the special counsel has. Barr skipped a scheduled hearing last week where he was to testify before the House Judiciary Committee about the Mueller report. Barr is headed for another showdown with congress on Monday if he fails to meet a morning deadline to hand over the full unredacted Mueller report requested by Democrats. This is what it looks like to turn pushing a narrative into an extreme sport

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