Trump allies who spoke freely to Mueller now in awkward position

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for the haters and the radical left democrats noting that there was no collusion and no obstruction. Someone associated with the Trump Organization whose name is blacked out of the report told Cohen that everyone knows the boss has your back. But Cohen grew increasingly worried and asked one Trump attorney what was in it for him the report says. Trump reacted by lashing out at him and later accused Cohen family members of illegal acts. But they could make things very awkward for the Trump associates who cooperated with the investigation. Even before the report was released on Thursday the cadre of Trump aides and advisers who talked to Mueller were worried about being outed. At times Trumps aides seem to treat him like he cant be trusted to run the country. Christie recounted to Muellers investigators that Trump seemed to believe firing national security adviser Michael Flynn would rid him of the questions about Russia collusion. what will house dems do now?trump to visit japan in may to meet with abe new emperor trump dodges medias questions after mueller report release more and waved to a group of staffers and guests before getting on the presidential helicopter. Many in Washington expected Trump to take an extended victory lap after the release of the Mueller report in an attempt to influence the wall wall media coverage of its findings

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