Trumpland Out for Sweet Sweet Post Mueller Revenge

trump mueller


I was a little surprised he came out of the chute in health care said Sen. after the meeting He wants us to try again. Even before he arrived in the Senate Trump tweeted his message about health care. Health care is the number one thing on peoples minds. And Im not going to base anything on the Barr report said Rep. Trump said the release of Muellers full report wouldnt bother me at all and Democrats quickly put that statement to the test. an elated president donald trump reportedly has a new lease on life in the wake of special counsel robert muellers report and is urging one gop senator to push for investigations into bias at the justice department. Politico reported Tuesday that during a private luncheon with Republican senators the president couldnt contain his joy over his belief that he was exonerated by the Mueller report. AG Barr noted that it does does not exonerate the president on obstruction of justice. More info from Mueller report to be available in weeks

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