Pennsylvania New Muslim Rep Movita Johnson Harrell Blames Trump White Nationalism for Christian Prayer

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A Christian state house representative in Pennsylvania offered a Christian prayer. Maybe this wasnt entirely appropriate if not everyone there was Christian but Muslim lawmaker Movita Johnson Harrell is trying to exploit the incident to claim victimhood and get Christian prayer shut down once and for all. take our poll story continues below Should Joe Biden drop out of the Presidential race because of his inappropriate touching of women?. Judy Chu of California introduced legislation Wednesday to halt Donald Trumps ban on allowing entry into the country by people from five Muslim majority countries. The bill is DOA as long Republicans maintain control of either chamber and Trump occupies the White House. Chu added that denies both our country and millions of aspiring Americans a better future. During the tail end of a campaign event in South Carolina on Saturday former Congressman and current presidential candidate Beto ORourke joined a chorus of other politicians slamming President Donald Trump for inciting violence against Minnesota Rep. This is an incitement to violence against Congresswoman Omar ORourke said Saturday. ORourke was in South Carolina to accept his first endorsement from a fellow politician Rep

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