Andrew Napolitano Responds To Trump Twitter Attacks This Is The Way You Treat Your Friends

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And earlier this week Judge Napolitano suggest that President Trump obstructed justice in the Mueller probe. thank you to brilliant and highly respected attorney alan dershowitz for destroying the very dumb legal argument of judge andrew napolitano. How do you treat your enemies? the judge said while opening up the segment on Monday morning. Everything you need to know about the implosion of the NRA. Even though the adage has been nearly worn out in the Age of Trump it is probably obligatory to once again quote Eric Hoffers observation that Every great cause begins as a movement. Appearing on Fox Business Networks Mornings with Maria Bartiromo prompting host Maria Bartiromo to ask whether Napolitano pushed for a Supreme Court position or a pardon for a friend. Read the rest of the piece at The Daily Beast. Ever since Andrew came to my office to ask that I appoint him to the U. Supreme Court he has been very hostile!Napolitano explained that he met with then Elect Trump to discuss possible replacements for Antonin Scalias spot on the bench. While the judge claimed he was describing Neil Gorsuch during their conversations Trump felt he was talking about himself and eventually asked him why I should put you on the Supreme Court

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