Trump Was Initially Reluctant to Meet Netanyahu Kushner Inc Author Claims Sputnik International

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The Extraordinary Story of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump entered the light of day only on Tuesday but its already made a splash. Trump had thought Bibi didnt treat him with respect as saying. Netanyahu spoke for two hours and gave what Bannon called a Middle East master class Ward wrote. In that conversation because US Israel relations was the one political issue anyone in the campaign ever saw Kushner get worked about. President Trump will welcome Netanyahu on Monday and Tuesday according to the press secretarys announcement. Trump and the PM will discuss the Middle East during a working meeting Monday and the president will also host Netanyahu for dinner Tuesday. Both Pompeos visit and the White House trip were seen as efforts to give Netanyahu a boost a view Pompeo dismissed. Im going to Israel because of the important relationship we have Pompeo said. Netanyahu also met today in Jerusalem with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who will not meet any other political leaders during the visit. netanyahu and israeli ambassador to washington ron dermer urged the white house to put on a state dinner for netanyahu

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