Robert De Niro calls Trump a total loser and wannabe gangster

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screenshotappearing on stephen colberts late show actor robert deniro ripped into president donald trump while discussing his star turn portraying special counsel robert mueller on saturday night live. # p #2_7 # ad skipped = NULL #I have no other way to say it I guess. # p #4_7 # ad skipped = NULL #Thats what I said right after he was elected Give him a chance. I give everybody the benefit of the doubt. Robert de Niro furthered the actors feud with President Trump by labeling him a total loser dumbbell and wannabe gangster in an interview Friday evening. Trump since prior to his election making him on one of the presidents harshest critics in Hollywood. People like the outlaw type thing said Mr. This guy he doesnt even know what that means. Trump did not immediately comment publicly on the actors remarks. Previously Trump retaliated in the war of words initiated by the actor by calling De Niro a very low IQ individual in a series of tweets

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