Judge blocks Trump end run on Obama health care provision

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A federal judge ruled against the Trump administrations highly touted small business health insurance plan calling it an end run around consumer protections provided by the Affordable Care Act. District Judge John Bates in Washington D. is the second setback in a week for the administrations health care initiatives. Bates took issue with how the Trump administration interpreted the Employee Retirement Income Security Act which regulates how health care plans are provided to employees. For instance which would allow these insurance plans to be offered under ERISA. President Donald Trump has hailed the small business plans as a big success but their impact is difficult to measure. The resolution which will be introduced by Rep. Health care advocates Democrats and even some Republicans have warned that scrapping Obamacare with no replacement would harm millions of patients who depend on the law for their health coverage. Democrats also have seized on how Trumps new position on the Affordable Care Act doesnt square with his vow to preserve its protections. According to the Kaiser Family Foundations tracking poll 50 percent of U

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