President Trump Pushes GOP to Quash Obamacare Be the Party of Great Healthcare

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And they will be reminded of that in 2020 if this proceeds. It doesnt seem to make sense politically said one Republican senator who spoke to The Hill. Still since Republicans want to repeal Obamacare. One Republican senator told The Hill starting the healthcare battle ahead of the 2020 elections was questionable. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy R Calif. President Donald Trump is pressuring Republicans to produce a replacement for the Affordable Care Act a request the GOP considers unrealistic in a divided Congress and politically perilous ahead of the 2020 elections. House Republicans privately worry it will cripple their attempts to reclaim the chamber and could even cost them additional seats in 2020 though few will admit so publicly because they fear Trumps ire. Graham pitched Trump on the push for a new health care plan while golfing in Florida with the president last weekend. The first step is to see what the president and the White House have with regard to their health care plan. This had been about protecting our institutions and values

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