Report POTUS Trump Has Been Twice As Beneficial To Black Community Vs Obama

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With unemployment for black Americans at a historic low voters continue to believe President Trump has been better for young blacks than President Obama. Voters think life for young black Americans has gotten better since Trumps election. Democrats expect the final rule on coal plants. By encouraging utilities to consider spending money to upgrade aging coal plants the Trump rule could prompt the companies to run existing coal plants harder and longer rather than retiring them. The Trump administration also is proposing to roll back the Obama era mileage standards with a final rule expected shortly. ally in defeating ISIS in Syria and Iraq. But Trump has alienated our allies by his incessant lying his tariffs on their products and his rejection of their willingness to try to renegotiate the Iran nuclear deal in a limited way. Instead he wanted to show that he could transform Iran and one up Obama. Theyve not only allegedly attacked the shipping lanes but theyve announced plans to resume higher uranium enrichment heading for weapons grade levels

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