States sue Trump for killing Michelle Obama program to make school lunches more nutritious

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Donald Trump hasnt started using Americas school lunches to get rid of his stock of unwanted cold hamberders. As The Hill reports six states and the District of Columbia have joined together to sue Trump for undermining the health of millions of school children and depriving many of what could be their single nutritious meal of the day. This led directly to school districts counting pickle relish and ketchup as vegetables. CNN devoted a full segment Wednesday to President Donald Trumps lies and how they compared with those told by past presidents. noticeably absent from their list was the only former president to earn recognition from politifact for telling the lie of the year. And he further said that because the Affordable Care Act was a web of interlocking provisions the entire law must fall. A different attack on the law comes from former federal appeals court judge Michael McConnell and two other legal scholars. They said the judge exceeded his powers when he ordered the government to stop enforcing the entire law

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