The Obama Admin Was Spying on Roger Stone Carter Page Paul Manafort and others President Trump Needs to Release ALL of the Evidence

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President Trump needs to order the release of ALL OF THE DOCUMENTS. Trump has a Russia problem but it has nothing to do with Robert Muellers investigation. Its not like no one warned Obama that Putins Russia was a rising menace. recognizing putin for who he is and pushing back on him. The Euro elite pine for an America happy to lead from behind and let them prate about strategic autonomy for Europe while raking in cash from Russian energy projects. The president lost two legal battles this week as judges struck down his attempts to undermine the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid. president donald trump is having trouble with his attempts to undermine the affordable care act. Most recently federal judges ruled against two of Trumps proposals Medicaid work requirements and association health plans. A federal judge just said Trumps war on the ACA has gone too far. Despite the troubles Trump has claimed that he is going to replace the ACA and suggested that Obamacare is too much for people to afford

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