Trumps DOJ moves to strike down ObamaCare in its entirety

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In Mondays filing the DOJ said it had determined that the district courts judgment should be affirmed. Previously President Trumps Justice Department had argued for scrapping ObamaCares protections for pre existing conditions but not the rest of the law. The Justice Department asking the courts to strike down ObamaCare is crazy and legally untenable Washington and Lee University law professor emeritus Timothy Jost tells the Post. NEW MEDICARE ALL BILL WOULD LARGELY OUTLAW PRIVATE INSURANCE\The Department of Justice has determined that the district courts judgment should be affirmed. Because the United States is not urging that any portion of the district courts judgment be reversed the filing read. The administration initially insisted that only certain parts of the law should be invalidated including protections for people with pre existing conditions. But the latest filing moved on from the earlier position and embraces the total overturn of the law. Previously the DOJ was focused on eliminating mandatory coverage for people with pre existing conditions but under Attorney General William Barr the federal governments position has now changed. The DOJs letter in the affordable care act case in the Fifth Circuit. But with the DOJ refusing to defend the ACA its unclear who is

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