Trumps Vs Obamas Easter Egg Roll Speeches Are Not On The Same Page

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on monday the white house will hold one of its most time honored traditions. Its probably no surprise that so far Donald Trumps and Barack Obamas Easter Egg Roll speeches have been wildly different from one another in more ways than one. Trumps Easter Egg Roll speeches such as military funding or the physical condition of the White House building. Lets take a look at how the two presidents Easter Egg Roll speeches have differed over the years. And then were going to come out and join you a great Easter Egg Roll. A federal judge in Montana delayed a Trump administration attempt to open up more federal lands to coal mining Friday The New York Times reported. District Court Judge Brian Morris ruled that the Trump administration illegally overturned a moratorium placed on coal mining on federal lands by former President Barack Obama. The next push to overturn Obamas moratorium on selling coal mining leases for federal land will fall to Interior Secretary David Bernhardt. In one case the Trump administration negotiated a land swap with a remote Alaskan community so the village could construct a road to the areas only all weather airport. is not engaged in hostilities in Yemen is based on an interpretation of hostilities taken directly from the Obama administration

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