Trump Appointee Plans To Nix Obama Era Rules On Equal Pay Information

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The rules required large companies to provide the government with data on employee pay broken down by gender race and ethnicity. information released by the census bureau just last week showed that the gender pay gap hasnt budged over the past year. We must work to close the gender pay gap!. The announcement is scheduled to take place at the National Association of Manufacturers DC. Thursdays repeal of the regulation is likely to draw intense litigation from the environmental community. Those groups have argued the Trump EPAs changes to the rule protects fewer small waterways and that could result in more pollution and put people at risk. The French proposal would require the Trump administration to issue waivers on Iranian sanctions. The negotiations resulted in the Iran nuke deal that President Trump called rottenand pulled the U. But they have tremendous financial difficulty and the sanctions are getting tougher and tougher. when asked if he would ease sanctions against iran in order to get a meeting with iran trump simply said

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