In Defense of Trump Obstructing Justice When There s No Underlying Crime

trump obstruct


Throughout his report not the attorney general. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler said Friday he plans to issue a subpoena for the complete Mueller report within hours. On Thursday Barr told reporters it was his responsibility to determine whether Trump obstructed justice because Mueller chose not to do so. Trump for obstruction of justice prompting the president to publicly attack Mueller and the Justice Department. Trump told Sessions he would be a hero if he took control of the investigation. Trump told White House officials to tell McGahn to rebut the stories but McGahn told the officials the stories were true. I dont care that much that Trump was trying to obstruct justice in this instance. Certainly even though its technically illegal. One purpose rendering the original investigation irrelevant. But when it comes to obstructing justice he shouldnt be in any trouble whatsoever

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