KNOWLES Did The Trump Administration Obstruct Justice

trump obstruct


Even in its incomplete form chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. Attorney General Barr appears to have shown an unsettling willingness to undermine his own department in order to protect President Trump Nadler said. When a foreign adversary attacked our democracy he said. It also details many instances where President Trump tried to obstruct or stop the investigation. On Thursdays episode of The Michael Knowles Show the host discusses the accusaitons of obstruction against President Donald Trump. We know that President Trump is a real estate developer from New York. This is an important point as William Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein point out he is exonerated on obstruction of justice. Then it is up to the attorney general and the deputy attorney general to determine whether or not he is to be gone after whether or not hes committed a crime or whether or not there isnt evidence that hes committed a crime. On top of thoroughly debunking the establishment medias two year Russia Collusion Hoax the Mueller Report also proved President Trump is innocent of obstructing justice. trump fired comey to obstruct the investigation

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