Graham Doesnt Matter What Trump Told Mcgahn No Obstruction

trump obstruction


the president never obstructed special counsel Robert Muellers Russia investigation. It doesnt matter what he said to Don McGahn it is what he did Graham said. the Russians are up to it again and here is what I tell President Trump. Being president is what saves President Trump from being indicted for obstruction of justice former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates said Sunday. I can tell you I personally prosecuted obstruction cases on far Yates said. Muellers team found that McGahn was told by Trump to find a way to get Mueller fired but McGahn refused the order. Further Trump pressured McGahn to deny it was true. Sunday on NBCs Meet the Press former acting Attorney General Sally Yates said after reading special counsel Robert Muellers report she thinks Donald Trump would be indicted for obstruction of justice if he were not the president. Yates said who have been continually lying about it. And then used the power of the presidency to try to forward the investigation into his own conduct

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