Trump Committed Obstruction Of Justice And Should Be Indicted Says Fox News Analyst In Devastating Incident

trump obstruction


Andrew Napolitano took a hatchet to William Barrs defense of Trump on obstruction of justice charges and blasted Donald for acting immorally and criminally as he obstructed Muellers investigations. Judge Napolitano clearly stated that Trump obstructed justice by trying to get his people to lie and dangle pardons to silence witnesses. Napolitano said Prosecutors prosecute people who interfere with government functions and thats what the president did by obstruction. His job is to preserve protect and defend the Constitution of the United States to uphold and to enforce federal law not to violate it. But ordering them to break federal law to save himself from the consequences of his own behavior and that is condemnable. It was part of a terrible campaign day for the president one that also saw Joe Biden get into the 2020 race. Lawrence ODonnell discusses with Heidi Heitkamp Jason Johnson. When the president asks Cory Lewandowski thats obstruction of justice. There are still at least a dozen cases that were spun off by the special counsel investigation about which the public can only guess as to potential charges and defendants. But in the course of laying out those cases the Mueller team did have to talk to investigators and prosecutors working for other jurisdictions

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