Trump May Not Be Guilty of Obstruction but He Is Guilty of Arrogant Stupidity

trump obstruction


The guy was freaking out for the past two years about the Russia investigation. Michael CohenAccording to Mueller Trumps former lawyer Michael Cohen lied to Congress about the presidents business interests in Russia. Many of Trumps actions involved in the Russia investigation do seem ugly but an obstruction case would be very difficult. President Trump faced an unprecedented situation. However Trump resisted an in person interview with the special counsels attorneys something Barr did not mention on Thursday. Democrats have clamored for the release of Muellers full report and underlying evidence to Congress accusing Barr of bias in the handling of the special counsels report. to any fair minded reader who is not blinded by partisan bias one thing is clear. But as the Mueller report points out and Trumps failure was due largely to his subordinates resistance. You can also be guilty of obstruction even if you did not commit an underlying crime that you are trying to cover up. The obstruction case against Trump is not conclusive

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