George Conway Urges Serious Inquiry Into Trumps Mental Health After New Lie

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The president reportedly told GOP donors Friday that he had said Tim Cook Apple but that the Cook was so fast no one heard it. a ridiculous assertion of coursehe really said tim apple instead of tim cook of apple to save **a third of a second**? george conway. George Conway is seriously concerned about Donald Trumps mental health. In a long the lawyer and vocal Trump critic despite being married to White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said of his wifes boss that a serious inquiry needs to be made about this mans condition of mind. The no collusion mantra is simply a non sequitur. Conway also criticized Trump previously saying he referred to Apple CEO Tim Cook as Tim Apple to save time rather than admitting he made a mistake. And before Trump defended the blunder as a time saving strategy he claimed he actually did say Cook just too quietly for anyone to hear

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