Fox Business touts wrong approval rating for Donald Trump This president has things going his way

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President Trump tweeted a screenshot of his approval rating Thursday morning from a segment on Fox Business Lou Dobbs Tonight that incorrectly presented polling numbers from Georgetowns Institute of Politics & Public Service New York Magazine reports. georgetown found that 43% of voters approve of trump and that 58% approve of the economy. Fox Business displayed the correct economy figure but incorrectly stated that Trumps approval rating is 55%. The executive director of Georgetowns Institute of Politics and Public Service clarified that the 55% figure is actually Trumps disapproval rating. A Fox Business network program touted President Donald Trumps approval rating Wednesday night from a recent pollbut that number was actually his unfavorable rating. The presidents overall unfavorable rating amongst likely voters was 55 percent but Fox reported his approval rating as 55 percent. Trumps overall unfavorable rating of 55 percent is consistent in recent years and with other similar surveys conducted in recent weeks. The presidents average overall unfavorable rating is 53. When did people start identifying so relentlessly with victims of all things. president donald trump is joined by world war ii veterans

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