Joy Behar Trump Is So Disgusting Even The Great Economy Is Not Improving His Approval Rating

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Tuesday on ABCs The View even with a great economic his approval poll ratings are not in the 70s. And with an economy like this he should be in the 70s. Meghan McCain said Its bizarrely historical in that sense that in any other presidency this would be a persona non grata because the economy is on fire. Its something he promised whether or not he deserves credit for it or not. Behar added Hes so disgusting that people hate him anyway. president trump donald john trumpkhalifa haftar is no longer part of libyas solution poll. The presidents job approval rating now includes roughly half 46 percent of all independents and 86 percent of Republicans. Fifty eight percent want Congress to investigate whether Trump committed obstruction of justice during the course of the Mueller probe according to the CNN poll. A presidency high 35 percent of voters strongly approve of Trumps job performance

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