Pro Trump DeSantis Has Highest Approval Of Any Florida Governor In A Decade

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Trumps approval rating is buoyed in large part by Republicans 90 percent of whom gave him positive marks in the Gallup poll. A RealClearPolitics average of approval rating polls shows him with a 43 percent approval rating. The new Gallup poll was released amid a week in which Trump is set to face two rebukes from the Senate. On a relative basis Trumps average approval rating since taking office is the lowest of any U. 90% of republicans 33% of independents and 4% of democrats currently approve. Republicans and Democrats ratings have not deviated much over the course of Trumps presidency but independents have been somewhat more variable in their views. Explore President Trumps approval ratings and compare them with those of past presidents in the Gallup Presidential Job Approval Center. Despite a brutal campaign an astounding 42 percent of Democrats approve of the job the pro Trump governor is doing while in office. But it is still a major rebukea Republican jailbreakTrump and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wanted to avoid. Look for a major temper tantrum to accompany that Trump veto

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