A cryptic email Michael Cohen took as an offer of a pardon was just mangled lyrics from a 1990 country hit single a bizarre excuse by an ally of Trumps legal team

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6 leaves the federal courthouse in Washington. Russian state television stations have jumped at what they perceive as a relatively mild sentence handed to former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort saying it is proof that U. special counsel Robert Muellers investigations have failed to prove Trumps collusion with Russia. Michael Cohen has clarified a portion of his congressional testimony and pushed back on President Trumps claim that he lied under oath. Trump per The Washington Posts Robert Costa. Monico said that Cohens sentence was written in the context of Mr. Cohens lawyer also said that at no time did he ask Trump for one personally. Trump had tweeted that his former attorney asked him for a pardon directly saying that He lied!. Bob Costello claims Michael Cohen misread country song lyrics as the offer of a pardon. Cohen and Trumps legal team have been engaged in a long running dispute over Cohens truthfulness and dispute whether he was offered a pardon to stay quiet

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