House Judiciary Dems Ask McAleenan For Info On Reports Trump Dangled Pardon

trump pardon


The House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday requested information from acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan regarding reports that President Donald Trump offered him a pardon should he be found to have violated the law by following Trumps direction to close the border. Offering a pardon to encourage an officer of the U. government to undertake an illegal action appears on its face to be an unconstitutional abuse of power the letter continued. Trump reportedly told the agents if judges give you trouble I cant do it. CNN and The New York Times later reported that Trump offered McAleenan himself a pardon if he was found to have violated the law for closing the border. A day after those reports Trump denied them. The House Judiciary Committee wants President Trumps acting Homeland Security Department secretary to turn over information related to Trumps alleged promise of pardon if he closes the southern border. customs and border protection commissioner kevin mcaleenan speaks during a hearing of the senate judiciary committee on oversight of customs and border protections response to the smuggling of persons at the southern border . According to media reports a move immigration agents fear is illegal. The Democrats asked McAleenan to turn over the list of all department officials who were present when Trump offered the pardon as well as when he discussed with McAleenan turning away illegal immigrants seeking asylum

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