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This just shows the Presidents contempt for law Nadler said on CNNs State of the Union with Jake Tapper. Nadler said the move was exactly contrary to the Presidents key duty to execute the law. Thats the main job of the President Nadler said. Nadlers comment came in response to a report from CNN that Trump told then head of the Customs and Border Protection agency that he would pardon him if he faced jail for denying entry to migrants. We request that you promptly provide details concerning this reported directive to close the border and the related offer of a pardon House Judiciary Democrats wrote in a letter sent to McAleenan on Tuesday. Warning that such a pardon offer would violate the Constitution the Committees Democrats demanded McAleenan identify DHS employees present during President Donald Trumps alleged comments. Tuesdays letter came amid reported turmoil at DHS when former Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen allegedly told the president his plans to close the border were illegal. Mainstream Media is corrupt and getting worse would represent a grave breach of duties of the president. Congress has an independent constitutional duty to provide oversight of the administration of government by the executive branch. Nadler and Cohen wroteThe Democrats also added that this follows what they called a troubling pattern of conduct that has emerged over the past two years that appears to demonstrate that President Trump views the pardon power as a political tool as an expedient mechanism for circumventing the law or avoiding the consequences of his own conduct

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