Trump lawyer talks potential presidential pardons tax returns and NY probes

trump pardon


what is their legislative purpose in asking for the tax return and how he spent his money?are they going to pass the donald trump tax reform act?trumps refusal to make his tax returns public. But the attorney said that even upon the conclusion of the special counsel probe President Trump has not said a word to him about issuing pardons for any of the former aides and advisers charged criminally in the matter. George Papadopoulos says hed like a pardon from the president but doesnt expect to get one. My lawyers have formally applied for a pardon Papadopoulos said in an interview. I dont have expectations to be pardoned. trump should pardon flynn foreign intel shouldnt be used against americanssen. said he told president donald trump that lt. Foreign intelligence was unfairly weaponized against Flynn in a way that should be unconstitutional Paul said. The one that I have the strongest feeling about is General Flynn when asked if Trump should pardon anybody after special counsel Robert Mueller concluded his probe. They listened to General Flynn because they were spying on the Russian ambassador

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