Trump reportedly promised to pardon his new DHS head if he illegally closed the border

trump pardon


It may well not be Warren who wins the Democratic nomination the first contest of the Democratic presidential primary. During President Trumps visit to the border at Calexico where he told border agents to block asylum seekers from entering the U. law that if he were sent to jail as a result of blocking those migrants from entering the U. Two officials briefed on the exchange say Trump told McAleenan that he would pardon him if he ever went to jail for denying U. entry to migrants as one of the officials paraphrased. Were aware of Donald Trump abusing his pardon power. Were also aware of reports about the president telling people that following the law is optional. Today CNN published a report that seemed to combine these two dynamics. This reporting is very much line with everything else weve learned about this president and his indifference to the rule of law. Following up on our earlier coverage or recommending radical immigration measures over the last couple of weeks has been extraordinary

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