Trump Wont Rule Out Pardons Despite Advice From Wary Advisers

trump pardon


But relief for him and George Papadopoulos could be coming. In an interview with Sean Hannity Wednesday Trump didnt rule out the possibility of pardoning associates whove faced charges. Many Trump said when asked about possible pardons for Flynn and Papadopoulos. Among those calling for Trump to pardon Papadopoulos is Papadopoulos. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina it would not play well. Newt Gingrich and Chris Christie have also told Trump to steer clear of pardons. On Wednesday Donald Trump gave his first one one interview since the Mueller investigation concluded. He spoke over the phone with Sean Hannity for about 45 minutes complimenting Attorney General William Barr and heralding his own supposed triumphs. Trump blamed dirty cops for the investigation starting in the first place. or new green deal to trump and hannity alright

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