Pelosi Assails Trump For Unconstitutional Acts In New Messaging Campaign Rachael Badewashington Post

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When asked about the conflict over Attorney General William Barr testimony before the House Judiciary Committee Respect the Constitution. Honor the request of Congress for the American people. When asked about the White House stonewalling Congress requests The president is demonstrating on a daily basis his obstruction. There are things about the recent implosion of The Markup that make it uniquein particular that it raised $23 million with nothing but a trio of co founders and a brief description of the product they wanted to create. Nancy Pelosi has rolled out her latest rhetorical weapon against President Trump. The President has made clear that he will broadly defy requests for information from Capitol Hill. PELOSI FACES MOUNTING TRUMP IMPEACHMENT PRESSURE FROM DEM RANKS AFTER MUELLER REPORTPelosis new messaging push comes after she recently stated her opposition to launching impeachment proceedings against Trump calling it divisive and just not worth it. However the House speaker acknowledged at the time some in her party do not feel the same way. Preventing Congress from exercising any oversight as the President intends fundamentally impairs the balance of power. The memo comes a day after she and other congressional Democrats met with Trump for infrastructure discussions that both sides hailed as productive

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