Pelosi Barr Is So Far Up Trumps Ass I Cant Tell Where He Ends And Trump Begins

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Trump has already pledged to veto the measure which calls for the U. Pelosi is praising the resolution for setting a standard for what kinds of military engagements we take part in. She says the Yemen conflict has already left an indelible scar and stain on the conscience of the world. The conflict in Yemen has ground on for more than four years killing thousands and leaving millions on the brink of famine. Trump administration officials argue withdrawing American involvement diminishes chances for a negotiated peace and could lead to even higher numbers of civilian casualties. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Attorney General William Barr went off the rails in his testimony before the House and Senate this week. Barr was widely respected by both parties as a veteran lawyer who served as attorney general for President George H. Republicans endorse Barrs plan to investigate how the Justice Department initiated the investigation into Trump which began during his campaign. Democrats question Barrs summary and want to see the full report. He is the attorney general of the United States Pelosi told the A

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