Trump picked the Air Force general who commands US nuclear forces to take over the Pentagons No 2 spot

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John Hyten now serves as commander of the US nuclear forces and has the lead military role for space operations. His nomination was announced Tuesday by Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson. If confirmed by the Senate Hyten would succeed the retiring Air Force Gen. The vice chairman is the second ranking military officer behind the chairman but does not command troops. Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan denied boosting his former employer while at the Pentagon and then proceeded to throw shade at that companys major competitor. Its a big deal despite his long audition for the job. bretbaier asks acting defense secretary pat shanahan whether hes shown bias toward his old employer. Thats well within his rights to do as the acting defense secretary as long as its not done to serve Boeings interests. Even if thats the case the acting secretary would do well to avoid any perception that hes a Boeing lackey. Experts warn that the lack of regular open communication between the Pentagon and the press is hurting civilian military relations

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