Trump And Andrew Cuomo Prepare For A War Over Natural Gas Pipelines

trump pipeline


One of Trumps executive orders will aim to weaken that power. Executive orders only do so much and lawsuits are sure to follow. Trumps pipeline orders mark his latest effort to push for infrastructure projects his administration says will unleash American energy. The order also seeks to make it easier to transport natural gas when a pipeline cant be used. But Boyles noted that the Millennium Bulk Terminal project is being challenged in state and federal courts. The second executive order would take the power to approve cross border energy pipelines away from the secretary of state and give that authority directly to the president. President Donald Trump went after New Yorks blocking of natural gas pipelines from passing through the state. Andrew Cuomo said he would fight Trumps planned permitting reforms tooth and nail. New York has blocked permits for pipelines needed to alleviate natural gas shortages in the Northeast. President Donald Trumps executive order to expedite oil and natural gas pipelines could spark another legal battle against Democratic New York Gov

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