Trump to Issue New Executive Order in Latest Effort to Force Through Dangerous Fossil Fuel Pipelines

trump pipeline


with oil industry cronies and swamp monsters filling the ranks of his administration its no surprise that trump is once again taking an action championed by climate deniers and fossil fuel companies. This executive order is nothing but an attempt to trample peoples rights to protect their air and climate from polluting oil and gas pipelines. Our next president must reverse course by putting an end to the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure beginning day one in office. We are not trying to take power from the states the Trump administration official said. Environmental groups quickly sued claiming Trump lacked the authority to issue that permit. The United States is producing more oil and gas than any point in its history in large part because of the shale boom in the Permian Basin in West Texas. Canadian oil is also a problem because Canada has run out of pipelines to send oil to the United States. New York rejected a natural gas pipeline three years ago that state officials said failed to meet water quality standards. Developers still want to build that pipeline which was supposed to transport natural gas throughout markets in the Northeast

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