Dont Be Fooled by Polls Showing GOP Interest in Challenging Trump

trump poll


Hey check out this new CNN poll showing that 40 percent of registered Republicans in Iowa hope that President Donald Trump gets challenged for the GOP nomination!That doesnt mean that 40 percent of Republicans will abandon Trump in 2020 in favor of the Democratic nominee. Whatever that something is its currently a good deal less than two out of five Republicans actively considering a non Trump primary vote. Donald Trumps domestic troubles are mounting and his poll numbers have been consistently low by historical standards. He defeated Hillary Clinton with just 46. Another reason so many are underestimating Trumps chances has to do with a shrewd bit of campaign strategy. A recent Gallup poll found that 68% of Americans say money and wealth should be more evenly distributed in the U. The presidents approval rating in the Gallup Poll has consistently been at around 40 percent for most of his presidency

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