Trump is apparently fixated on Bidens polling numbers

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A slim majority of Florida voters say they wont vote for President Trump in 2020 according to a new poll but many prominent Democratic candidates are just as underwater in their favorability. both had 23 percent favorability numbers compared to 30 percent unfavorable. Biden had a positive 49 35 percent favorability rating including 46 to 28 percent among young voters. Biden scores best by a mile when Florida voters are asked to rate their feelings about various Democratic presidential candidates assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll. Florida voters have been the key to winning the Electoral College in several presidential elections Brown said. The poll suggested that the tax overhaul may not be as strong a 2020 campaign talking point as Republicans and President Donald Trump had hoped. The responses differed along party lines with Republican taxpayers more likely than others to expect a tax benefit. Trump is fixated on former Vice President Joe Biden as a potential 2020 threat Politico reported on Friday. It was previously reported that Trump sees Biden as the most formidable 2020 opponent per The Hill. But aides to the president re assure him that Biden is too centrist and friendly to Republicans to win the Democratic base in a primary

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