It could have been worse is the foundation of Trumps presidency Fred HiattWashington Post

trump presidency


We are a White House that people want to work with. If you could have offered me a pill that could make me straight Buttigieg said. On the one hand the 45th president of the United States is a shameless liar. On the other hand his presidency offers an open invitation to Americans to confront myths about the way their country actually works. their loathing for the president andnow that trumps generals are goneanyone in his employ knows no bounds. In terms of lives lost and damaged and treasure wasted the cost to the United States has been immense. Here lets give President Trump his due. Chelsea Clinton said new levels of cruelty are what make Trumps presidency so shocking and her worries reach beyond the headline grabbing White House policies that youve probably heard about the most. Late Night with Seth Meyers on YouTubeTheyre really pushing back on endangered species wherever they can Clinton said. It was successful in increasing the population numbers of endangered species and protecting their fragile habitats

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