In One Chart The probability of Trump leaving office early is now the lowest of his presidency

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Special counsel Robert Mueller did not find Donald Trumps campaign or associates conspired with Russia according to Attorney General William Barr. WASHINGTON For President Trump it may have been the best day of his tenure so far. There are still other clouds overhead and no one outside the Justice Department has actually read the report by Robert S. Mueller III which may yet disclose damning information if made public. But the end of the investigation without findings of collusion with Russia fortified the president for the battles to come including his campaign for re election. The questions about the Kremlins election interference that dogged the president almost everywhere he went may soon fade even as other investigators continue to look into other allegations. Adam Cole showing the implied probability of Trump failing to making it to the end of his first term collapsed Monday morning. mueller report finds no evidence of collusion appeared to have more impact on betting markets than financial markets. 07% a measure of the currency against six major rivals was off 0. diminishing risk that trumps trade policies are replaced by more conventional policies is probably marginally usd positive as the risk that other currencies

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