Trump Has Just Taken The Biggest Economic Gamble Of His Presidency

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It is therefore surprising that Mr Trump chose to push for zero waivers on Iranian oil exports. Mr Trump faces a Syrian red line credibility problem if he lets the regime survive after calling for its overthrow. Loading This time OPEC is going to wait until Mr Trump is irreversibly committed and the market is as tight as a drum. Mr Trump has taken the biggest economic gamble of his presidency. And while interpretation is in the eye of the beholder many viewers were quick to identify the episode as a clear satire of President Trump. JORDAN PEELES US SCARES AWAY BOX OFFICE COMPETITION WITH $70. Peele has not been a fan of President Trump. They tried for a coup presumably referring to the investigation into alleged Russia collusion and the FBIs attempts to spy on his campaign. were looking at things you wouldnt believe possible in our country

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