Erik Prince acknowledges 2016 Trump Tower meeting for first time Al Jazeera

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COUNCIL BLUFFS Iowa They dragged their friends to see Bernie Sanders in Iowa. In South Carolina their unrelenting selfie requests made Cory Booker late. And in New Hampshire so many showed up at a church for an event. Speaking Friday to Al Jazeera the Hill reports. According to a New York Times report last year Prince organized the meeting in which Lebanese American businessman George Nader told Donald Trump Jr that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates wanted to help Donald Trump get elected. But a transcript of Princes chat with the House committee shows he never brought that up. Sure looks like Erik Prince committed perjury. Trump Tower saying he did inform Congress of the meeting. Nader reportedly told Don Jr that the ruling royals in those countries were eager to see his father win the election according to The New York Times. Nader reportedly paid Zamel upwards of $2million for his services after Trump won the election according to the Times

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