70 Mayors Including Mpls Mayor Frey Reject Trump Food Stamp Proposal

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Yes following a string of deadly mass shootings across the country. The president has been consulting broadly Barr continued. There has been little appetite among Republican lawmakers for gun control. Some House Democrats will still return early from the summer recess to advance gun control legislation including a bill banning large ammunition magazines. Seventy mayors from around the nation on Wednesday came out in strong opposition to a Trump administration proposal that could slash food stamp benefits for about 3 million people. TANF is a federal program that offers assistance to families living in poverty due to job loss. He specifically cited a loophole in which individuals receiving minimal TANF can automatically become eligible for SNAP. Anti poverty groups view the shift as part of a broader push by the Trump administration to peel people off government assistance. The majority of the people who receive SNAP are children the elderly or people who struggle with a disability. Federal food assistance is a pathway out of desperate circumstances the mayors argue

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