Puerto Rico struggles to get disaster aid amid Congress Trump showdown

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So Senate Republicans have managed to leave disaster stricken citizens in California Iowa and Georgia without federal relief because the president doesnt want to help Puerto Ricans any further. Scott of Florida blamed Democrats for rejecting the GOPs bill because they found funding for Puerto Rico was inadequate. playing politics with disaster relief is hardly a new game for republicans. This is very similar to what Trump tweeted this week trying to pit suffering farmers in the Midwest against suffering Puerto Rican hurricane survivors. 2 billion in aid to Puerto Rico according to the Office of Management and Budget. As Trump tweeted The best thing that ever happened to Puerto Rico is President Donald J. This is the kind of paternalistic white supremacy that doesnt even require open hostility although plenty often accompanies it. In an after action report FEMA acknowledged agency failures in Puerto Rico in areas such as staffing and coordination. After the Whitefish Energy incident Puerto Rico canceled the companys contract and the fiscal board overseeing the islands finances imposed stricter contract review policies for the future

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