Senate Democrats make a stand for Puerto Rico and Donald Trump is outraged

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Now and lawmakers leading an investigation into what happened after the storms are being stalled. Some Democratic lawmakers are all but accusing the Trump administration of stonewalling them in their inquiries. Trump everything he and his officials had done was perfect. As of Sunday night the Oversight Committee had not provided comment to The Daily Beast on the status of its efforts to obtain more documents from the Trump administration. Democratic lawmakers on Capitol Hill continue to indicate they are still in the dark on the administrations handling of Puerto Rico. Trump last year infamously defended his work to help Puerto Rico recover from the hurricane by denying official estimates that thousands of people had died during or in the aftermath of the storm. Last week which prompted Puerto Rico Gov. are GREAT but the politicians are incompetent or corrupt. In his tweets contested figure for disaster relief in Puerto Rico. Senate Democrats blocked a disaster aid bill Monday because it doesnt include enough aid for hurricane devastated Puerto Rico and Donald Trump is furious

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