Trump Nadie ha brindado mejor atencin a Puerto Rico que yo

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This is what I have for Kim pointing to the nuclear football briefcase. According to a report by CNN President Donald Trump joked about using the nuclear football on North Korea. Among those critics was Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossell who made a remark that alluded to punching a bully in the mouth in reference to the presidents stance on Puerto Rico. When CNN pressed him to confirm or deny if he overheard the presidents remarks regarding the nuclear football on that day Rossell demurred. In a meeting on Tuesday with GOP lawmakers Politico reported. At one point though its not clear whether this figure is accurate. When hes spending other peoples money or the federal governments money hes typically not too concerned about costs. When Alabama was recently hit by tornadoes Trump tweeted to say he had asked FEMA to give the state A Plus treatment. Meanwhile Trumps antipathy for Puerto Rico has been demonstrated repeatedly. territory are spending federal assistance wisely

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