Trump Refuses To Send A Single Dollar To Puerto Rico As The Island Begs For More Help

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a senior administration official with direct knowledge of the meeting described trumps stance. In order to save money clinic staff says patients will now have to sit in soiled diapers for hours at a time. We just dont have the money right now said Casa Ismael administrator Myrna Izquierdo. Instead of acknowledging that failure and redoubling government efforts to help the people of Puerto Rico he is doubling down on cruelty. In other words Donald Trump would rather make Puerto Rico suffer than admit that his response to the deadly storm was a massive failure. While much of the media attention is appropriately on the Mueller report regardless of what the special counsel found. But Trump also took some time out of his supposedly busy schedule to vent about how much he hates giving aid to the U. Trump may be mixing up the amount of aid given to Puerto Rico with the cost of the damage done by Hurricane Maria. I know our folks are out there right now doing that. The Trump Administration is committed to the complete recovery of Puerto Rico

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