We Are Your Citizens Trump Keeps Repeating Lies About Puerto Rico

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Puerto Ricans are saddened by the remarks a professor at the University of Puerto Rico in San Juan. They figure hes belittling Puerto Rico she said. Lin Manuel Miranda isnt taking too kindly to President Donald Trumps statements about Puerto Ricos hurricane recovery. Trump also claimed that the people in Puerto Rico only take from USA despite the fact that Puerto Ricans are also American citizens. Puerto Rico is still WAITING for most of their allocated relief funds while our president lies to himself and lies to you. Donald Trump came under widespread criticism for the misstatements and implications that Puerto Rico was not part of the United States and other members of the administration repeated his stance. If he doesnt get what he wants he will try and put people down and try to take away the most basic thing. Folks are missing a key thing that makes Trumps Puerto Rico tweets so awful. president donald trump has had very negative relations with the leadership of puerto rico. In a brief but snarky tweet posted this week Puerto Rico is in the United States

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