Enough to implicate Trump Author of Dirty Rubies describes the presidents fishy ties to Putin

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According to Vicky Ward who lobbied Trump to court Putin and improve relations with Russia. Trump and Putin may lead the pack but Netanyahu is indeed their enthusiastic enabler. But they do agree on Israel or at least an affection the Israeli prime minister cannot be accused of taking for granted. russian president vladimir putin speaks during a session of the international arctic forum in saint petersburg . President Donald Trump re elected next year citing a long list of disagreements with the Trump administration. Putin said the question of Trumps possible re election was a matter for the American people. But he said he hoped Moscow and Washington would be able to work together to try to resolve their many differences on the international stage once what he described as a U. presidential election because he had spoken of wanting to repair U. Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he hopes the witch hunt era will not be repeated in American politics and that investigations into US President Donald Trumps alleged collusion with Moscow were a dark page in history. Speaking at the International Arctic Forum in St

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