CNNs Fareed Zakaria Will President Trump Finally Stand Up To Vladimir Putin Over Venezuela

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Trump who has often seemed willing to tolerate Mr. Putins most audacious provocations finally draws his own red line?It is notable that Mr. Trump himself the first time the United States issued similar warnings telling foreign powers not to intervene in the Western Hemisphere. Maduro is digging in despite the rising economic sanctions against his government and the recognition of Mr. Guaid as interim president by the United States and more than 50 other nations. Putin may well see an opportunity to replay Syria in Venezuela propping up another leader that many American officials said had to go Mr. Maduro instead of President Bashar al Assad of Syria this time and frustrating Washingtons regional goals. The administration so far has been quite cautious when it comes to threatening military action in Venezuela. and will venezuela finally be the moment when trump finally ends his appeasement?fareed zakaria cnn. And will Venezuela finally be the moment when Trump finally ends his appeasement?

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